Send traffic to video-pages and get paid for it.

Performance based evaluation. Dynamic.
Based on countries, sources, pageviews, mobile, brands, browsers, purchase power, behavior, returning etc...

Send traffic, wait 48 hours, get rates by checking your stats. Minimum 1k/day.
Don't play with our evaluating system, it's anti-fraud, working in a chaotic manner etc.

It's Google Analytics, so your stats will be delayed by 48 hours. Our unit of measurement‎ is combined of several multiplied factors: visits, pagevews, time, bounce and returning. What makes the rates higher? 1. Quantity. 2. Quality. We pay within the first 7 days of the next month. Minimum $100: 1. Paxum. 2. Bank Wire. Start: 1. Sign up. 2. Add domains. 3. Generate data dump. 4. Feed your site. 5. Start selling.
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